Post Race Impound Reports - 2023 VIR 24-Hour

Post Race Impound Reports - 2023 VIR 24-Hour  Car 51 impound Report   PDF Car 119 Impound Report   PDF Date: 8/13/2023 Car Number: 51 Event: VIR-24 Hour Team Name: RTR 1 Event Director: Dana Morrison Team Captain: Tech Inspector: Thomas O’Rourke/ Andrew Sides Protest Details: Was not an official protest by a member. Tech Inspector / Event Director Final Findings: Tech Inspector; Team was approached by another member and was asked about certain parts to which they admitted using. Tech inspectors were made aware that team was running unclaimed parts. Parts included an aftermarket performance camshaft and roller rockers. After looking the car over it was discovered that the team was using unclaimed aftermarket camber plates and suspension pieces along with several other engine performance related items. After performing a rough calculation of the points added, it was decided to DQ them based on the number of points. This also resulted in removing them from the Class D win.

2023 Hallett 8-Hour Enduro Impound Protest

    Date: 5/20/23 Car Number: 998 Event: Hallett Motor Racing Circuit Team Name: Wheels America Racing Event Director: Chelsey Vickery Team Captain: Bob Stretch Tech Inspector: David Kicak     Protest Details:   Car #998 2001 Mazda Miata protested for total fuel capacity.       Tech Inspector / Event Director Final Findings:   Fuel tank pump out was performed. The team emptied the tank completely by fuel pump, the tank was then filled back up using pre-measured fuel jugs approved by protestor and officials.   In our final findings, car 998 was in compliance with rule (9.10.2) and the 14.7-gallon requirement for the 2001 Miata.  The protest was denied.         Tech Director Signature     Event Director Signature    Chelsey Vickery   Any

2023 Road Atlanta Impound Report

2023 Road Atlanta Impound Report Date: 2/4/2023 Car Number:  176 Event: Road Atlanta Team Name:  JSK Racing Event Director: Dana Morrison Team Captain: Tech Inspector: Ray Franck     Protest Details:     At the conclusion of the 2023 Road Atlanta Race ChampCar Officials measured the bore and stroke of the top three finishers. A discrepancy was noted with the stroke of the engine in the JSK Racing car 176.   ChampCar Officials asked the Team Captain about the discrepancy. The Team Captain claimed he had welded and re-ground the crankshaft rod journals to “re-profile” the motor’s stroke. During several additional conversations, ChampCar Officials asked about the impact of the additional stroke on other items in the rotating assembly. The Team Captain stated that the original replacement pistons were no longer available for the engine. He ordered af

Protest - 2022 VIR 7-Hour - PUY

  Protest Details: Team 233 Insane Miata Motorsports protested team 524 Fuse 15 for passing under yellow. 1. 524 passing 233 on yellow, lap 181 at the top of roller coaster (station 10) under a yellow flag condition. PDF -

Protest - 2022 VIR 7-Hour

Protest Details: This protest was filed during the impound period for the Sunday race at the VIR North course 2-day event. The protest listed the following claim under the Parts heading; 1. End Links 2. Squaretop Intake Manifold (not OEM) 3. Canards (Aero Device) 4. Canards Exceed Body PDF -  VIR North 2022 Protest CCES Post Impound Report.pdf

2022 Road America Fall Saturday protest

  9/24/2022 Road America Fall Race, Saturday 8-Hour Impound Protest Protest Details A protest was made by a ChampCar team captain on car #32 for motor swap points. Tech Inspector / Race Director Findings #32 claimed the 2012-2014 CRV motor (K24Z6) rated at 185hp from the 2022 VPI. Using the Foreign Market Engine Exception  (4.5.6), a JDM (K24A) was used from a 2004 Accord rated at 188hp.  Under the 3% rule, the protest was denied. Technical Inspector - Andrew Sides Race Director - Chelsey Vickery